Vance's Rocket and Spacecraft Links: A number of links I have found which may prove interesting to spaceship and rocket junkies, some history, some obscure current info
Vance's Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear Links: a lot of good data on "new diseases" such as Ebola, military strains of anthrax, and the Mad Cow Disease problem in Britain
The Episcopal Church of the United States : The OFFICIAL Web site for the Episcopal Church, as opposed to the misleadingly named "" operated by schismatics and their supporters and which does NOT present the views of the Episcopal Church at large, as they sometimes imply.
Internet Chart of the Nuclides - this is just too cool - anyone who has ever taken a Nuclear Science class or worked with radioisotopes will LOVE this, it's the CHART OF THE NUCLIDES in a Web Page, complete with a "drill-down" format that gives you isomeric transition data, neutron capture cross-sections, decay schemes, half-lives, the whole nine yards!
NGATLAS - The IAEA's Atlas Of Neutron Capture Cross Sections If you're ever in a tearing hurry to work out a neutron activation analysis (and who isn't at sometime in their life?) you can go straight to the table from which the cross-sections in the online Chart are taken. Cool, huh? Where was this in 1976 when I could have really used it?
Internet Movie Database : A very useful (but perhaps not definitive, sometimes incomplete) resource for movie buffs to settle bets or find little known facts about movies and people who act in movies.
PBS (the Public Broadcasting System) : this website has lots of information on PBS programs and is a great place to get background documentation on NOVA and Frontline episodes (depending on how much slack you get from your teacher, you may be able to use this site as a bibliographic source for research papers)
The Monolithic Dome Institute site: These guys promote and sell thin-shell concrete and foam structures that are very durable, well-insulated, and cost-competitive with wood or metal frame construction.
Affymetrix corporate web site:Visit this site to learn about current commercial biochips and other products; includes pictures and great flash animations of how "gene chips" (electronic microdevices which interact directly with genetic material placed on them) work.
WEBMASTER NOTE (July 28, 2001) According to PBS's business news show yesterday, Affymetrix stock just jumped up in price, surely a vindication of my decision to feature them in my Web site. And, yes, I DO know it all. :-)
Electrochemiluminescent Detection of biological agents: Description of several assays in PDF Adobe format.
Ted Nugent, Member of the National Rifle Association Board of Directors : (for those of you who wouldn't take my word on this. :)

Military Links
Rocketry and Spacecraft Links
Chemical/Biological Warfare Links

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