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Nuclear Warfare Sites:

More facts about nuclear weapons

The Nuclear Weapons Archive: A Guide to Nuclear Weapons, including The Nuclear Weapons FAQ  

Carey Sublette has taken the initiative to answer whatever questions the rest of us may have regarding nuclear weapons in this now-famous FAQ. Since a nuclear exchange is the next escalation of the dialogue between us and Osama bin Laden, these questions and answers may be of interest to some of us. :-) This document is all over the Web, but this link is to one of the best two or three-updated sites where it can be found.

The Federation of American Scientists Web Site

Much good information on ICBMs used by the various nuclear weapon-owning countries, especially historical data on the US and former USSR missile programs. Also much information on other genres of special weapons and several conventional weapon systems – their treatment of fuel-air explosives (such as the MOAB - “Mother of All Bombs” - recently brandished by the U.S.Air Force at the Iraqi Army prior to our invasion of Iraq) is unusually thorough.  The FAS also used to host the High Energy Weapons Archive, but don't any more - see the preceding link for that.

I disagree with the political views of the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) - and I don't think disarmament of the United States will make the world more secure when even terrorist and other criminal organizations can obtain nuclear weapons (if we ever needed an overwhelming nuclear deterrent force against China, North Korea, and nth countries yet unknown, it’s now). Regardless of that, I cannot deny that FAS are painstakingly objective and complete in their presentation of military and technical facts (when they are not using said facts in convoluted arguments to advance their pro-disarmament, pro-Democratic Party, anti-national defense agenda).

I have used information from the FAS site when the Department of Defense's own Internet resources have proven either incomplete or unreliable, as have several authors of official U.S. Department of Defense Web sites and more formal publications.  Just remember in reading their Web page that these guys have a definite agenda, one that I and many other people believe is inimical to our national interests.

New Nations in the Nuclear Family - MILNET's page listing the current nuclear powers, those thought to be able to assemble nuclear weapons quickly, and those which can build nuclear weapons but which have promised not to.